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Kamshield Webcam Covers Now Available at 7-Eleven

Kamshield Webcam Covers Now Available at 7-Eleven

It's an exciting week for Kameron Miller and all of us at Kamshield.  May 1, 2019 marked the first day Kamshield Webcam Covers became available at 7-Elevens across the United States.  

Featured in 33 stores, the Kamshield two pack comes in an array of designs and colors to please all of your friends and family.  Our new designs include donuts, unicorns, state/country flags, sports, as well as designs with sparkles and marble!  Kamshield will also still be sold on Amazon as well as this website.

Kamshield is the best way to keep your devices safe and your privacy intact from cyberstalkers.  Not only is it easy to use, but the Kamshield is fun and reusable!

Let us know if you see Kamshield webcam covers in your local 7-Eleven and happy shopping!